How To Use Files Application?

You should prefer to insert every file in a single application which will let you watch and organize from any iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In this blog, we will discuss the process of using the Files app. The given below instructions are suitable for all smart devices.

The best way to use Files application

How to search for your files?

  1. Firstly, check the file that you would prefer to have in your system.
  2. Then, click on that and select to change its position.
  3. After that, below on My (gadget), select ‘Numbers’ or ‘Pages.’
  4. Click ‘Copy.’

Searching for files on the gadgets?

Read the instructions given below-

  • On MAC, visit Finder and then click on iCloud Drive.
  • On, visit the iCloud Drive application.
  • On computers with iCloud for Windows-
  • Visit the File Explorer and then go to iCloud Drive.

How to manage your files? (Putting labels)

Put labels on your files. To do that read the given below instructions carefully.

  1. Firstly, click on Select.
  2. Then, press on the files that you would like to put labels on.
  3. Click Share.
  4. Select the label that you would like to put on it.

How to make new folders?

  1. Firstly, visit to locations.
  2. Click on iCloud Drive, On My (gadget).
  3. After selecting, On My (gadget), click current pages and numbers.
  4. Then, move downwards on the display screen.
  5. Next, click on the folder.
  6. Lastly, put the name. And click Done.

How to send files to someone and work on it?

Sharing file with someone is very easy to do. It can be done by sharing them a link of a file that is present in iCloud Drive from the Files application itself.

  1. Firstly, choose the file and hit share.
  2. After that, share the file by SMS or emails.

How to work on the files with someone?

  1. Firstly, choose the file and then hit Share,
  2. After that, Add People.
  3. Note that you can give them invitations to them by SMS, emails or link. The benefit of this is that you can get to know whenever the next person is online and making changes to the list

How to delete files from the Files application?

You only need to choose the file that you would like to delete.

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